The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST)


The project goal is to enhance the capacity of regional civil society to influence the work of the public sector toward improved transparency and accountability and to encourage the use of practical tools of regional cross-border exchange of best practices in good governance.

The project objectives are:

The project encourages the exchange of knowledge of best practices to influence the public sector between NGOs in the target countries. In the course of ten months, with facilitation of the partner NGOs, the project involves third sector activists and some experts from the six countries in a regional expert meeting and six national meetings, one in each of the countries. The activists and experts identify and present to the rest of the participants cases of best practices in addressing the public institutions based on their experience. Three case studies per country will be selected for presentation and publishing on the project website. This web resource will support communication and the exchange of best practices in the regional third sector. The partners will elaborate, adopt and test a specific communication mechanism for providing support from regional partners to campaigns and initiatives on national or cross-border level.