The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST)


The information below provides an introduction to activities of the partners and other NGOs related to good governance and the efforts to influence the public sector towards more transparency and accountability.

NGO support to the Blue Flag initiative in Yevpatoria and Yalta PDF file (PDF, 34 KB)

Campaign against the destruction of national parks of nature in southern Ukraine PDF file (PDF, 81 KB)

Experts, the public and local authorities involved in sustainable environmental education PDF file (PDF, 66 KB)

Mare Nostrum concerned about ICZM process PDF file (PDF, 57 KB)

Project permit to be cancelled in Romania PDF file (PDF, 48 KB)

Protecting green areas in Constanta PDF file (PDF, 46 KB)

Community based model for risk reduction created with support from Black Sea Eco Academy PDF file (PDF, 64 KB)

Caucasus Green Area involves youth in change of consumer practices regarding plastic bags use PDF file (PDF, 84 KB)

Education in public participation and protection of rights for local communities in the Georgian coastal zone PDF file (PDF, 44 KB)

Bartin platfrom unities the public against a polluting energy project PDF file (PDF, 62 KB)

Neighborhood committees promote the dialogue with local authorities in Turkey PDF file (PDF, 65 KB)

Civil initiative concerned about the environment on the Turkish Black Sea coast PDF file (PDF, 75 KB)

Russian organisations unite for the protection of nature and human rights PDF file (PDF, 62 KB)

Environmental Watch on North Caucasus raises international concern about the impact of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on nature PDF file (PDF, 75 KB)

Russian NGO’s take a stance on improving EBRD’s governance PDF file (PDF, 52 KB)

Bulgarian NGO provides sustainable solution PDF file (PDF, 69 KB)

Experience with good practices in access to public information from Bulgaria PDF file (PDF, 40 KB)

In search of viable approaches to solid waste management in north-eastern Bulgaria PDF file (PDF, 49 KB)