The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST)

Case Studies

A case study is an in-depth investigation in resolving a social issue. All case studies can be organised in four main parts:

In addition to providing necessary coherence and logic on the case studies, and the overall processes they present, this identical structure enables comparisons between the cases, along various dimensions. This further underlines the possibility to use the cases towards local learning and capacity building.

Case studies developed by the Black Sea branch of the Ukrainian Environmental Academy of Science:

Blue Flag Initiative PDF file (PDF, 123 KB)

Sustainable environmental education for the Black Sea PDF file (PDF, 283 KB)

Protection of national nature parks campaign PDF file (PDF, 197 KB)

Here are samples from the experience of the Black Sea NGO Network:

The Strandja Nature Park under threat PDF file (PDF, 126 KB)

Farming communities effectively involved in nutrient reduction measures PDF file (PDF, 105 KB)

Increased involvement of the organised public in decision making PDF file (PDF, 272 KB)

Case studies presensting approaches to dealing with various social issues in Georgia:

Coping with natural disasters PDF file (PDF, 74 KB)

Dealing with hazardous waste on the Georgian Black Sea coast PDF file (PDF, 91 KB)

Environmental education for better future of the Black Sea PDF file (PDF, 131 KB)

Some examples of civic involvement from the Environmental Watch on North Caucasus:

The unique Karasun Lakes under threat PDF file (PDF, 78 KB)

UNEP not responding to citizens concerns over Sochi Olympics PDF file (PDF, 64 KB)

Tuapse citizens require a referndum on local development issues PDF file (PDF, 90 KB)

Examples of citizens' stance on development from Romania:

County road 713, Braşov or the debate about protecting a pristine part of the Carpathians PDF file (PDF, 85 KB)

Which path to development: tourism vs gold mining in Roşia Montană PDF file (PDF, 126 KB)

Nuclear waste deposit in Saligny, Constanta PDF file (PDF, 65KB)

Preserving the city park in Constanta PDF file (PDF, 112 KB)

A dialogue between citizens and local authorities in Turkey:

Citizens in Nilufer involved in communication with local authorities PDF file (PDF, 91 KB)

Bartin citizens engaged for a healthy future PDF file (PDF, 75 KB)

Karasu civil initiative PDF file (PDF, 71 KB)